Transformational Discipleship

Transformational DiscipleshipThere seems to be a definite proclivity for a number of Christian authors to title their books with multisyllabic adjectival words. I’m not sure of the motive or origin of such verbosity, but it sure does catch one’s eye. Such is the case of Transformational Discipleship: how people really grow. The book is a product of three authors who work minister for LifeWay Christian Resources. Eric Geiger, Michael Kelley and Philip Nation all have had varied ministry backgrounds so there is no question concerning their credentials. It is also the product of an extensive research project by LifeWay Research. Thus, there are some references and statistics included, however, the authors do a good job to keep this to a minimum. (Transformational Discipleship follows on the heels of Transformational Church (2010) by Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer also of LifeWay.) TD is aimed primarily at pastors and church leaders who desire to stimulate Christians to become transformed and committed believers who live to serve Christ as opposed to uninspired believers who pay their one hour per week dues every Sunday. The goal and motivation of TD is admirable. Unfortunately much of the material is not new or unique; it is repackaged inside of a different verbal format. A couple of thoughts struck me as I read this volume.

  1. Chapter 1, “Deficient Discipleship,” and Chapter 2, “Disciple to Win,” read like sermons. If they were not originally, they would be excellent. (Perhaps even Chapter 3 also.)
  2. This volume is motivational in content with limited practical advice. Like I mentioned, a lot of it reads like a previously preached sermon.

With that being said, there are spiritual gold nuggets to be found in the mine. I found Chapter 6, “The Discipline Lens,” to contain some pointed and practical information concerning spiritual discipline which is key to producing transformed disciples. The final word is this: If you’re a new pastor or just stepping into a leadership role in the church, TD will serve you well. You’ll gain some motivation insight and practical application.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to me by B&H Publishing Group for a fair and forthright review.


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