Let Food Be Your Medicine

For anyone who is searching for answers to a health challenge, such as weight loss, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia or other debilitating illness, Let Food Be Your Medicine is a book you should read. It might mean the difference between simply existing versus living the abundant, vibrant lifestyle God meant for you to live.Let Food Be Your Medicine

This volume should be another best seller for Dr. Don Colbert, MD. He is the author of over forty books. Through this latest book, he epitomizes the philosophy that medicine is not healthcare, nutrients are!

In Let Food Be Your Medicine he not only endorses practical application and physiological truth, but also demonstrates to the reader how he actually battled back from an incapacitating health issue himself. Therefore he understands and acknowledges the frustration of enduring many different medical recommendations and procedures which never seem to work. Real health, he observes, begins from the inside out.

Being a medical physician, Dr. Colbert can present practical application in easy-to-understand terminology. He patiently and thoroughly explains why consuming certain nutrients will restore healing and vitality. When a person understands how physiology works, one will not only retain that information but look forward to the changes he/she will incorporate and ultimately reap as a reward.

It is refreshing in this world of over-hyped diet formulas to discover that Dr. Colbert recommends a simple, modified Mediterranean diet. As a twenty-year nutritional Christian counselor myself, I highly recommend this sensible plan as well. The modified Mediterranean diet stresses nutrients and not simply calories, fat grams or carbs.

But what I enjoyed most about Let Food Be Your Medicine was the fact that Dr. Colbert wasn’t afraid to evoke the name of God into his book and give Him the glory for creating such a complicated and intricate human body. True health encompasses the entire body: mental, physical and spiritual!

Dr. Colbert is an inspirational writer. Let Food Be Your Medicine is as well-written as his other book in my library, The Seven Pillars of Health and I’m pleased to recommend it highly.

[This review was provided by Ellie Marrandette of New Creations Ministries.]

Disclaimer: I was provided this book by Worthy Publishing for a fair and honest review.


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