The Miracles of Jesus

Like virtually all other topics, themes, issues, fields and disciplines in the Bible miracles, especially the miracles of Jesus, have received an abundant amount of ink. The Miracles of Jesus: How the Savior’s Mighty Acts Serve as Signs of Redemption is Vern S. Poythress’ contribution to that discipline.

Poythress holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University and is professor of New Testament interpretation at Westminster Theological Seminary, a position in which heThe Miracles of Jesus has been entrenched for over thirty years. He has written approximately seventeen books (at my last count) and a multitude of scholarly articles. Undoubtedly he is eminently qualified to analyze the miracles of Jesus.

With this volume Poythress considers the miracles of Jesus from a redemptive-historical viewpoint. As the title speaks, it’s all about redemption in the miracles. The book is divided into four parts with the bulk of the volume centering around the twenty-eight miracles recorded in Matthew’s gospel. Each one is analyzed in the redemptive vein.

If you simply want to learn more about miracles as miracles, I would suggest a thorough reading of “Part I: Introducing Miracles.” The initial chapter, “The Reality of the Miracles of Jesus,” is an excellent assessment and defense of the miracles of the Savior. The remainder of the volume delves heavily into redemptive theology and will take some comprehensive personal consideration.

This is a volume written by a theologian for theologians by a highly qualified reformed theologian and should be treated as such. Except for Chapter 1, I would not recommend this book to the Sunday-go-to-church believer. Each chapter will likely sound repetitive.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to me by Crossway for a fair and honest review.


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