The Inerrant Word

Wait! What’s this – another volume on the inerrancy of Scripture. That’s right, it’s two in a row from your most trusted source in Christian book reviews. Just a couple of weeks ago we review John Piper’s latest from Crossway, A Peculiar Glory (a volume we were 50-50 on) and now we have The Inerrant Word: Biblical, Historical, Theological and Pastoral Perspectives from the same publisher.The Inerrant Word

You might think there was still an ongoing battle for the Bible. (Not so according to Ronnie Floyd, president of the SBC, “Southern Baptists are no longer in a battle for the Bible, but in a battle with one another.”) Friends, we are still in a struggle for the truth of Scripture. And this volume will fortify that claim and strengthen your resolve.

The Inerrant Word takes a totally different approach. It is a collection of essays from four different vistas as the subtitle suggests. The book is edited by John MacArthur with a forward by R.C. Sproul both committed inerrantists. The list of essayists is a who’s who of conservative evangelicalism – MacArthur, Alistair Begg, John M. Frame, R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Steven J. Lawson just to name a few.

Since the subtitle presents the contents of the book, just a few words are necessary concerning what is included. There are twenty-four essays in all and every essay is solid and totally defends the inerrancy of Scripture. Each essay is well thought out and presents the assigned subject matter clearly and precisely. Some essays read quickly and some will take a more thoughtful, digestive reading. I would suggest you read this with a pen, notepad and highlighter readily available.

Since all Christians are commanded to defend the faith, this is a volume that is well worth the read by all believers, pastors and teachers and the faithful in the pews. If you are a pastor or somehow involved in fulltime Christian ministry, I would highly recommend you read Part 4, “Inerrancy in Pastoral Practice: Applying to Life.” It is practical and will add to your supply of arrows in your quiver.

The bottom line: This is a volume every Christian should read.

Disclaimer: This volume was given to me by Crossway for a fair and honest review.


A Peculiar Glory

I have struggled for a while to put my thoughts in writing on John Piper’s latest volume, A Peculiar Glory: How the Christian Scriptures Reveal Their Complete Truthfulness. The reason is that I’m 50-50 concerning my evaluation of the book. I loved the first half but was a bit turned off by the second half.A Peculiar Glory

The book is divided into five parts with the first three being a common defense of the Scriptures. In Part 1, “A Place to Stand,” Piper presents a biographical journey on his love for the Bible. Regardless of what you know about Piper, it is well worth the read. Part 2 examines “What Books and Words Make Up the Christian Scriptures?” It is a common examination of the topic but with the Piper twist. In Part 3 he considers the question “What Do the Christian Scriptures Claim for Themselves?” This also is the usual subject matter but, once again, contains Piper’s unique analysis. You will gain some valuable insight and information by a careful reading of both Parts 2 and 3.

It is in Parts 4 and 5 that Piper turns to the glory of God to answer “How Can We Know the Christian Scriptures Are True?” and “How Are the Christian Scriptures Confirmed by the Peculiar Glory of God?” These parts will take some slow and steady analysis to follow Piper’s arguments. These two parts are quite ethereal in my estimation and definitely not as concrete as Parts 1 – 3.

Overall this is a good volume to have on your shelf to educate yourself concerning why the Christian Scriptures can be trusted.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to me by Crossway for a fair and honest review.