Going Deeper with New Testament Greek

Perhaps the most efficient method to review this book is to expound on a couple of thoughts that arose during a perusal of the book. But first a few basics.

Going Deeper with New Testament Greek: An Intermediate Study of the Grammar and Syntax of the New Testament is the full title. The book is a combined effort of Andreas J. Kostenberger, Benjamin L. Merkle and Robert L. Plummer, all New Testament professors at Southern Baptist Seminaries. B&H Academic is the publisher.Going Deep with NT Greek

This volume is a Greek Geeks delight. My thought here is that one must be a devoted student of New Testament Greek to truly appreciate this volume and get the maximum use from it. That’s not to say that it cannot be appreciated by all who have an interest in New Testament Greek. My only caution is that this is not a “Beginner’s Grammar.” You will definitely need to know some Greek basics before making proper use of this book.

The volume is much more than an intermediate grammar. It is a text book. It is a Greek grammar. But above all it is a motivator. It is designed to be a reference but also to be read and studied. It is loaded with charts and vocabulary aids as well as practical exercises. Included also (Chapter 1) is a brief summary of “The Greek Language & Textual Criticism” which aids in the one’s appreciation of the complexity of compiling the Greek New Testament.

Going Deeper with New Testament Greek stands as unique volume to aid the aspiring Greek New Testament student. It is definitely worth having in one’s library if you are interested in the Greek New Testament and have a previous knowledge of the language.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to me by B&H Academic for a fair and honest review.


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