Remember & Return

Devotionals are a big deal in the Christian world. And at the risk of sounding caustic or skeptical, I believe that’s a viable statement. It is important for the Believer to have contact with the Word of God daily, even if it is just through a devotional. Of course, there are hundreds of devotional books on the market and a multitude more available on the internet.remember-return

But somehow there’s nothing like having a printed copy of the Bible and a printed devotional right in front of you when you spend this time. So John MacArthur has produced a new devotional for that purpose. Remember & Return: Rekindling Your Love for the Savior – A Devotional is a compact, hardback, lightweight (literally) 31-day devotional that focuses our attention on Christ and Christ alone. Every one of the thirty-one entries centers on a verse of Scripture with an exposition from MacArthur. Each one ends with a “Daily Challenge.” Each entry is a bit longer than the average devotional (usually a page) encompassing between 5-7 pages. That’s why I believe this is more than a devotional. It’s a mini study. Naturally the quality of each daily is top notch with MacArthur’s insight.

This is a volume that you will want to have ready for you each day. It would also make an excellent Christmas gift for any Believer in your life. Actually, it would make the perfect gift to introduce Jesus to a non-believer.

My advice: Get a bunch and hand them out.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to me by BakerBooks for a fair and honest review.


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