Engaging Exposition

It is always with a moderate amount of trepidation that a preacher reviews a book on preaching written by three men who teach preaching or who have preached for a multitude of years. If that is not enough, the book has also been awarded book of the year by Preaching Magazine. Regardless, here it is.engaging-exposition

Engaging Exposition: A 3-D Approach to Preaching, written by Daniel Akin, preaching teacher, and Bill Curtis and Stephen Rummage, longtime preachers, and published by B&H Publishing Group, is a be-all, tell-all volume on how to do expository preaching. The expertise here is not to be denied.

Engaging Exposition: A 3-D Approach to Preaching contains thirty chapters divided into three sections of ten chapters. (The “3-D” equates to Discovery, Development and Delivery.) Each section was written by one of the authors. The book has a logical progression for developing an expository message. It takes us from no message to the completed message.

Section One is all about hermeneutics, the proper process for interpreting the section of Scripture at hand. It also includes a chapter on “The Origins of Hermeneutics.” Section Two is all about how to put the sermon together. A most worthwhile chapter is the final one focusing on questions and answers when developing the message. The final section deals with delivery – the good, the bad and the ugly. It sums up with an exhortation for the preacher to live a godly life lest his message land on deaf ears.

My major criticism is that I found this volume to be long on “lists” and relatively short on examples. Yes, there are some useful charts and diagrams, but on the whole I feel there could be more in the way of “how to” rather than “do.”

Engaging Exposition is a book to be carefully studied not browsed through at a hurried pace. The intent of the authors is to encourage biblical, Christ-centered preaching which is experiencing a bad case of malnutrition. There is therefore no doubt that this volume will become a primary textbook for aspiring Southern Baptist preachers. It covers virtually every aspect of the expository sermon. I would also recommend this volume to preachers who desire to refresh their Message Delivery Methodology. After all, how can you go wrong with a “Book of the Year”?

Disclaimer: This volume was provided to me by B&H Publishing Group for a fair and honest review.


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