2016 Books Reviewed

Here is a list of books I have reviewed in 2016 with a link to that particular review. They were all published in 2016. The list is in reverse chronological order as I posted them. If you have a thought or comment, just drop it in the “Comment” section.

The Christ-Centered Expositor

Engaging Exposition

Remember & Returnremember-return

Greek for Everyone

The Cradle, the Cross and the Crown

What Happened in the Garden

Unlocking the Bible

The Message of the Twelvethe-message-of-the-twelve

Exalting Jesus in Ecclesiastes

EGGNT – Ephesians

The Illustrator’s Notetaking Bible

The SBC in the 21st Century

Going Deeper with NT Greek

A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the OT & NT

Rescuing the Gospel

They Were Christians

The Inerrant WordSweeter Than Honey

A Peculiar Glory

Sweeter Than Honey, Richer Than Gold

The Miracles of Jesus

The Heart of RevelationHow Bible Stories Work

How Bible Stories Work

Illustrated Life of Paul

Bible Revival

What the NT Writers Really Cared About

Let Food Be Your Medicine


The Christ-Centered Expositor

B&H Academic has published two books on the subject of preaching that have been released virtually simultaneously. Engaging Exposition was reviewed in our last post. It’s an excellent text for aspiring preachers. Now we will tackle volume #2 on the subject of preaching: The Christ-Centered Expositor: A Field Guide for Word-Driven Disciple Makers. (Apparently hyphenated words are important for book titles.) This volume is written by Tony Merida, pastor and preaching professor. Once again it is with some trepidation that a preacher reviews a book on preaching written by a preaching professor. Merida teaches at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.the-christ-centered-expositor

The Christ-Centered Expositor is divided into two “Parts.” They can be summed up as the “Who” and the “How.” The order of the two parts is significant. It is vital that a preacher understands his task before he undertakes his task. Merida is excellent in presenting this significance.

Merida begins where Engaging Exposition left off – encouraging and challenging the spiritual life and outward testimony of the preacher. That’s “Part 1: The Expositor’s Heart.” His tone is one of inspiration emphasizing a love of the Scriptures and prayer. Virtually every chapter in this part contains a list of some sort.

“Part 2: The Expositor’s Message” is the how-to portion of the book. Merida is meticulous in his presentation of how an expository message should be developed from the moment the preacher decides on the text to the final delivery of the message. If one is learning the art of preaching, these 110 pages are worth serious and thoughtful study. Lists, charts and preaching projects are in abundance. That is not an objection or condemnation, but rather an attestation to the great value of this section.

There are questions at the end of every chapter which is a dead giveaway that this volume is to be used as a textbook – and it should be. It’s value as a textbook is also found in an eleven page bibliography which obviously includes a host of preaching volumes.

I would expect that The Christ-Centered Expositor will become a standard and required text in every Southern Baptist Seminary. For aspiring preachers it is must-read.Engaging Exposition

Disclaimer: This volume was provided to me by B&H Publishing Group for a fair and honest review.