2011 NIV Loose-Leaf Bible

Are you a serious Bible student? Serious! Really serious! If you answer in the affirmative, then Hendrickson has just published a Bible precisely for you – the 2011 NIV Loose-Leaf Bible. It’s a Bible with plenty of room in the margins for your personal notes and discoveries.

As the title describes, this is a loose-leaf version and it can be purchased with or without the binder that fits which has “Holy Bible” embossed in gold letters on the front. It’s a wise decision, otherwise you’ll have to purchase a four-inch one to hold this massive volume. Besides, it looks classy.2011 NIV Loose-Leaf Bible

Yes, it’s big, so probably it’s not one that you can carry with you to church every Sunday or perhaps not even to your favorite Bible study. But for sincere, detailed, note-taking, personal Bible study, it is ideal. Permit me to provide some of the hard-core specifics.

The Bible is printed on 8.5×11 inch white paper. Each page is punched with five holes designed to fit either a 3-ring or 5-ring binders. The purchased binder is a 3-ring. Including the binder this volume weighs in at eight pounds (Yes, I weighed it!). The “wingspan” (binder edge to binder edge when laid flat) is 28 inches.

The soft-core details are thus: The translation is the 2011 New International Version (NIV) laid out in paragraph format. Please understand, the NIV is a dynamic equivalent translation (thought for thought). The print is rather small, 9.5 type, however, that is dictated by the fact that there are two inch margins all around with no exceptions. (Hendrickson advertises 1.25-inch margins but actually measure at two inches.) Center column references are included. A concordance of 2474 words and 155 biographical entries are included at the end. And at the very end are 32 unlined, blank pages for additional note taking or moving throughout the volume.

Do not let the size of this volume deter you; it has a specific purpose: It is designed for the meticulous, detail oriented Bible student. It is not a family Bible to be placed on the coffee table. It is meant to be used, day-in and day-out.

The construction and format of this Bible affords every believer the opportunity to create his/her own personal study Bible. While the plethora of “study” Bibles on the market today can be beneficial (and also produce additional income for scholars), there is no substitute for creating one’s own study Bible – your own notes, thoughts and insights that are meaningful to you alone. No single factor is more critical to a believer’s spiritual growth than personal Bible study and this Bible is fashioned for that particular function.

To summarize, this Bible is huge but at the same time overflowing with possibilities. If the Word is an integral part of your life, go for it.


3 thoughts on “2011 NIV Loose-Leaf Bible

  1. Hi from Australia

    I am a Christian author of 12 published books
    (ivanrudolph.com) and am hoping for some reviews for my 13th as yet pre-published book, but only my second prepared for the American market. Westbow Press are its pre-publishers. Please consider reviewing it now because, unlike in Australia, it has to gather some pre-published reviews in the USA. It is ground-breaking and solves certain mysteries of faith. Please send an email address for me to email it to.
    Thank you,
    Ivan (Rudolph)

    • Ivan, here are my general rules for reviewing a book. Usually I prefer hard copy (hardback or paperback). Generally, I do not review fiction or Christian “self-help” books. Let me know if you meet these criteria. Blessings.

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